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We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, open, and clean environment for dogs and Handlers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any outdoor space?

Our facility is completely indoors but we are fortunate to be located next to Ebisu Park where we take the dogs periodically throughout the day. All dogs also get one walk around the beautiful Marpole area during their day of daycare.

Are small dogs separated from large dogs?

Safety is always our primary concern when organizing the dogs on any given day. With this in mind, we take many things into account when separating dogs including size, age, breed, temperament, play style, and medical needs.

We like to foster an environment where dogs can safely learn to be comfortable socializing with other dogs of all sizes, shapes, and breeds.

How many dogs do you take a day?

Our facility maximum is 60 dogs and we maintain a minimum ratio of 15 dogs per Handler.

How do you maintain such a clean facility?

We put a lot of effort in reinforcing proper elimination habits (encouraging dogs to pee and poop outside). We also clean our facility and equipment constantly and rigorously with pH neutral, veterinarian approved cleaners and disinfectants.

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