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• Handler present 24/7
• Feedings & medications tracked
• Doggy Daycare included
• Potty training reinforced

Our Approach to Doggy Boarding

We know how hard it is to enjoy a vacation or focus on a work trip when you are constantly worrying about the companion you left behind. At DogPlay your dog becomes a part of our family. Our goal is to help your dog feel relaxed and at home so you can focus on the other important things in your life.

All of our doggy boarding is done in our facility. Boarding dogs spend their days in dog daycare and retire to our boarding suite in the evening. They are accompanied 24/7 by a trained DogPlay handler and are never left alone. We have a wide variety of crates, beds, and bedding to help your dog sleep comfortably or you can bring their bed from home if you like. You can even add a bath or groom to the end of their stay!

Dog Boarding Pricing & Packages

There is a $10/night peak season charge for all long weekends, March Break, and public holidays. For questions on specific dates please get in touch.

Our vision is to create an environment where dogs feel safe, relaxed, and at home so you can have the freedom to focus on the other important things in your life, worry-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for my dog to attend?

You will need to show proof of vaccination for Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. Titer tests are also accepted. Dogs over 8 months old must be spayed or neutered. While we do our best to work with a wide range of behavioral issues, we are not able to accept any aggressive dogs.

Does my dog need to visit for daycare first?

We do prefer to have met your dog for at least one daycare visit prior to a boarding stay, however we are able to make exceptions in some cases. Booking a daycare day first is also a big help in getting your dog comfortable in a new environment.

What do I need to bring for my dog's stay?

Enough food and medication (if applicable) for the duration of their stay. You can also bring a crate, bed, or blanket from home but this is not required.

Will my dog be crated?

If your dog is not fully house trained or uses pee-pads at home they likely will be crated during the night (10pm – 5am). If your dog is not comfortable in an open-boarding environment or we feel they may be a risk to themselves or another dog, then they will also be crated during the night. We work to develop a positive association with our dogs and crates: think of it as their own, personal safe space and not a cage.

Can I bring raw food for my dog?

Yes. We have cold storage on site.

Does someone stay overnight with the dogs?

Yes! A trained DogPlay Overnight Handler is on-site and with the dogs during the entire night.

Is daycare included in the price?

Each day of boarding includes daycare up to 10am the following day. If you pickup after 10am on the final day of your dog’s stay there will be an additional charge for that day of daycare.

Meet Some Of Our Community

“What a wonderful place!! You get it all here – grooming, daycare and boarding. We just picked up our two doggies from 2 weeks of boarding at DogPlay. I was happy to see my dogs daily on social media and to see that they were well adjusted and taken care of.

Danielle and her team are awesome and I cannot thank them enough for giving me the peace of mind that my dogs were loved and cared for. When we picked them up they were clean and happy. Probably the best place in the city for looking after your precious pets!!”

Nicola Bailey & Teddy

“It was our first time leaving our dog for over a week at a boarding facility. The entire DogPlay Team was so friendly and knowledgeable which made us feel confident that our little rescue dog was in the right hands.

We were sent photos, updates, and even a report card and it was such a relief to know that our pup was having a great time with other dogs and people, playing, learning and socializing!”

Kailee Klassen & Max

“I should mention how superb their boarding services are. Rather than kenneling them, their boarding is more like an extension of their day at day care. It is on site and open concept so the dogs can pick a doggy bed, crate, a spot on the couch or an area on the floor to curl up by themselves or with another dog. They are never alone because a handler is with them 24/7.

In short, DogPlay is truly doggy heaven and it is such a relief to find a place I can leave my pup totally guilt free, knowing she is having the time of her life while I am away! Thank you!!!”

Jennifer Currie & Nikita

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