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Professional Dog Grooming in a stress-free environment

Looking Great. Feeling Great.

• Full-service grooming
• Breed-specific cuts
• Walk-in nail trims
• Hypoallergenic baths

At DogPlay we believe that how a dog feels is just as important as how they look. We use low-stress dog grooming practices to not only help dogs look their absolute best, but feel fantastic as well. This may mean that things take a little bit longer, but we believe a happy, healthy and well-groomed dog is worth it!

Our award-winning dog grooming salon is fully equipped to handle everything from simple nail trims to complicated breed specific cuts. With a little patience, we’re confident we can help convince your dog that a spa day with the groomer is something to look forward to!

Come check out why we are one of the top rated dog grooming centers serving the Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey and Delta communities! 


Alexis is an amazing groomer. We are so lucky to have found her. Our corgi got majorly traumatized and hurt at another groomer and Alexis single-handedly got our dog excited about nail trims again. Her patience, enthusiasm and expertise is unparalleled and she goes above and beyond in her care for our dog. It’s a sign when our dog is excited about going to DogPlay and seeing her.

Our dog also attended their puppy program/class when he was younger and we can’t rave enough about the staff, the knowledge and the space. Thank you SO MUCH DogPlay!
Vivian C.

DogPlay has the best grooming service we have found in Vancouver. At other groomers, our dog would come back obviously stressed out – if she could tell we were getting close, she would visibly look nervous. Whenever we get close to DogPlay in the car, she gets so excited, and always leaves calm and stress-free. Recently when we had a mix-up with scheduling (which was our fault), the owners went above and beyond to help us.

The daycare and boarding services are great as well. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Ash!

Gale N.

Dog Grooming Pricing

A Junior Groomer is a member of the daycare staff who is supervised by a Senior Groomer. Unless otherwise noted, the service is with a Senior Groomer.

Our vision is to help dogs look amazing, feel great, and thoroughly enjoy their day at the spa!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the + signs next to your prices?

The price of your grooming visit will depend on the state of your dog’s coat, how complicated the groom is, and how comfortable your dog is being groomed. We will be able to give you a much better price estimate when we see your dog on the day and will do our best to communicate any additional costs.

How long will my grooming appointment take?

This will depend on the size and breed of your dog and the services requested. We will do our best to give you an accurate estimate at drop-off and will update you if things are taking longer than expected.

Can I stay and watch?

Our grooming salon is open to our reception area so you can see everything that happens there. Staying to watch can cause a lot of undue stress on your dog however so we don’t recommend staying and waiting at DogPlay during your dog’s groom.

My dog has allergies and/or a skin condition. Can you help?

We have shampoos and conditioners for sensitive skins and are happy to use medicated shampoos that you have been prescribed by your veterinarian.

Meet Some Of Our Community

“I specifically drive 20 minutes each way to take my 16 year old dog to this dog grooming studio because I believe she gets really good care and attention.

She gets tired easily and they let her take a few breaks and she comes back looking good. I would highly recommend this dog salon and daycare.”

Christie Dakin & Sadie

“This place is awesome! My little Yorkie had a bad experience with a previous groomer, he was terrified of getting groomed. Somehow DogPlay managed to make him feel comfortable and they said he did really well, and he came out looking perfectly groomed and absolutely adorable.

I absolutely feel 100% comfortable bringing my dogs here again for their cuts and will never go elsewhere.”

Hollis Anton & Liam

“Our dog hates going to groomer because of bad past experience and every time I pick him up from groomer he will cry for hours later. This is the first time that he actually was happy after grooming session.

The place is family oriented with VERY friendly staff combined with reasonable prices – We are definitely coming back!”

Andy Shapira & Tuvia

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The first step is to register an account with DogPlay. From there you will be able to request and manage bookings, update your dog’s information, purchase packages, and much more!



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