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Providing these three elements in a safe, clean, and structured dog daycare environment.

A New Breed of Dog Daycare

• 4,700 square feet
• Structured activities
• Basic training
• Regular walks & bathroom breaks

Our Approach to Doggy and Puppy Daycare

DogPlay takes an individualized approach to dog daycare. We only accept one new dog per day so we can take the time to understand their strengths, identify where they can improve, and learn about what motivates them. From there we provide a custom mix of training, socialization, and exercise that’s best suited to that particular dog.

We use positive reinforcement to work on impulse control and to help train the basics: recalls, sits, and stays. With a foundation in place from these basics we can move on to shaping more advanced behaviours and engaging the dogs with more exciting activities!

This means we don’t need to spend time worrying about stopping problem behaviors because our dogs always have lots of constructive activities to keep them entertained and engaged throughout the day!

Come check out why we are the top rated dog daycare serving the Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey and Delta communities! 


We’re so happy we found DogPlay for our reactive german shepherd, Grizzly. We’ve been to other daycares where we weren’t confident they could handle Grizzly’s high needs and anxiety, and we in turn would be anxious picking him up, hoping that everything had gone okay that day.

After we discovered DogPlay, however, we stopped feeling that anxiety. The DogPlay staff has always been so calm, caring, and thorough. They showed us empathy when Grizzly was a bit nervous and talked us through what they were working on with him during the day. They even go above and beyond daycare hours, once calling us after we had picked him up to tell us they noticed his ears were itchy and may need a cleaning.

I would highly recommend DogPlay for daycare and boarding. Even though it’s a bit out of the way for us, we still make the trip because we’re confident they’re taking great care of Grizzly. He always comes home tired and fulfilled!

Ana Y.

My dog Freckles has been going to DogPlay for the last 5 years, ever since she was a puppy. She’s a very sweet but anxious dog, especially with new people, and the DogPlay staff have always been so accommodating with her!

I know she is in great hands anytime she is there for daycare, boarding or grooming. My interactions with the staff have always been very positive. I can’t thank them enough for their care of Freckles over the years!

Steve B.

Dog Daycare Pricing & Packages

Daycare hours on stat holidays are 9am – 5pm and a $10 surcharge applies for those dates.

Our vision is for every dog to have the opportunity to learn something new, make friends, and burn off their energy in a constructive manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for my dog to attend doggy daycare?

You will need to show proof of vaccination for Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. Titer tests are also accepted. Dogs over 8 months old must be spayed or neutered. While we do our best to work with a wide range of behavioral issues, we are not able to accept any aggressive dogs.

How do I book a first day for dog daycare?

You will first need to register an account with DogPlay by clicking the register now button. Once you have created an account you can then make a reservation request and a DogPlay staff member will contact you to work out the details.

Do I need a reservation after my first day?

Yes! We have a maximum capacity that we reach on a daily basis and are rarely able to accommodate drop-ins for daycare.

Are there any restrictions on size or breed?

No. All pups are welcome to our doggy and puppy daycare facility in Vancouver! 

Do you separate small dogs and big dogs in doggy daycare?

Size plays a big role in deciding where your dog will be during their stay in doggy daycare. We also take into account age, breed, temperament, energy levels and training requirements.

Do the dogs get outside?

Yes! All dogs get out for as many bathroom breaks as they require. We work very hard to maintain proper elimination habits. All dogs who are able also get out for a walk around our neighborhood in Vancouver during the day.

Meet Some Of Our Community

“Dusty is very excited when we arrive, but has learnt to walk calmly to the door (thank you!). And he is tired when I pick him up! Dusty is a happier and better behaved dog – the change was noticeable within days.

The DogPlay team are very passionate about what they do and care about each and every dog. I am very pleased that I found DogPlay for Dusty. It is truly a fantastic place.”

Debbie Pincombe & Dusty

“Best doggy day-care ever! We’ve brought our beloved fur-child to quite a few places and was looking specifically for a place that has a balance of free play-time and structured play-time.

Most importantly, we were looking for a place that would love our fur-child as much as we do. DogPlay is everything we could have ever hoped for!”

Barbara Tang & Finnigan

“Wow what an amazing experience & place. Hawker our yellow lab is 6 months old and it was his first time to doggie day care. I can not express how caring and understanding the staff at Dog Play are.

Hawker is a high energy puppy that doesn’t seem to rest and just after lunch I walked over and took a peak to see how he was doing (parent anxiety) and there he was laying calmly next to 4 other dogs happy as could be.”

Lyn Campbell & Hawker

Ready to Get Started?

The first step is to register an account with DogPlay. From there you will be able to request and manage bookings, update your dog’s information, purchase packages, and much more!



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