Voted Vancouver's Best Dog Daycare, 2016 & 2017

       Voted Vancouver's Best Dog Daycare, 2016 & 2017

At DogPlay we believe that every dog deserves a full and well-balanced life. We help to deliver this by providing training, socialization, and exercise all in a safe, open, and clean environment. 

DogPlay handlers will assess each dog’s needs individually. We then provide a mix of training, socialization, and exercise based on the needs of your dog. With a 4,500 square foot facility and tools like a dog treadmill, indoor agility course, clicker training, and lots of stimulating toys and activities at our disposal, we are always able to  keep dogs stimulated with positive activities and deliver happy, healthy, and tired dogs at the end of the day.

Healthy dogs are happy dogs and a clean environment is the best way to promote good health. Dogs are taken outside for a daily walk and as many bathroom breaks as they require during they day. Any accidents are thoroughly cleaned with pet-friendly cleaners and our entire facility, including all equipment, is disinfected regularly. Our custom made rubber flooring is waterproof, safe to run and wrestle on, and simple to keep clean.


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7am - 7pm, Monday - Friday
9am - 6pm, Saturday - Sunday


(604) 336 2240
8826 Osler St., Vancouver



Do I need a reservation?

New customers will need a reservation for their first visit. Reservations are also strongly recommended for existing customers as we cannot garauntee there will be space available if you do not have a reservation.

What are the requirements for attending?

If your dog is over 8 months we ask that they be spayed or neutered. All dogs must have current vaccinations for Bordetella and DHPP. Titer tests are also accepted. While we do our best to work with a wide range of behavioral challenges, we are not able to accept any aggressive dogs. All dogs must be leashed at all times in the DogPlay store.

Are there restrictions on size or breed?


How do you screen new dogs?

Every dog is different and so our process for introducing new dogs can vary depending on the dog. Generally, new dogs are introduced to their own space in order to give our handler's time to get to know them and for them to get to know our handlers. We take this time to evaluate their temperament and develop some rapport with the dog through some basic training. We then perform some controlled introductions with appropriately matched dogs.

Do you separate small dogs and big dogs?

Thanks to the size of our facility and our movable barrier system, we are able to customize our space depending on the needs of the day. This allows us to separate based on size, energy level, or activity. We do allow all sizes of dogs to safely intermingle at some point throughout the day.

Can I leave food for my dog?

Yes! We have cold storage on site for raw and/or frozen food as well. Food should be packaged well and clearly labeled with your dog's name. Please specify any specific feeding routine so our handlers can replicate that at DogPlay (ie: sit, wait before eating).

Do the dogs get outside?

All dogs get out for one walk throughout the neighborhood during the day. Dogs also get as many bathroom breaks as needed throughout the day to maintain proper elimination habits and expose them to the different scents of the area.

What training do you provide?

We are a very structured facility. We spend a lot of time building rapport with our dogs and teaching the dogs what behaviors we want them to exhibit. This training ranges from sit/stays, simple manners (proper greetings, waiting at gates and doorways, etc...), to recalls. All our training is done via positive reinforcement.

How do you stop a dog from <insert problem behavior here>?

We don't focus on stopping a behavior. Instead we ask ourselves what we would prefer the dog to do in that situation, train them the replacement behavior, and then reward them for choosing the new alternative. We do not use shock collars, prong collars, spray bottles, or any other forms of positive punishment. | 604 336 2240 | 8826 Osler St., Vancouver, BC