DogPlay was founded by husband and wife team Darryl & Danielle Halse in 2013. Prior to founding DogPlay, Danielle completed her PhD in Earth & Environmental Sciences at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. Back in Canada she worked as a research scientist at the University of British Columbia with the Fisheries Center. Darryl completed a Bachelor of Commerce at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has since enjoyed a successful career in Marketing & Communications. Darryl is a certified Therapy Dog Handler with St. John Ambulance, a passionate dog trainer, and student of dog behavior and psychology.

Darryl and Danielle currently live in Richmond with their daughter and two dogs, Nova & Uschi.


Our Team

Handlers Shae & Christina, Owners Danielle, Darryl & daugher Johanna, Handlers Sam, & Sam. Not pictured: Handler Kirsten, Overnight Handler Faith, &  Groomer Alexis.