Introducing Orijen: The Best Premium Dog Food

Orijen Tundra

Orijen is the latest addition to the DogPlay store. Made by the same Canadian company that makes ACANA, you can expect the same values and level of quality that we've come to expect from our favorite kibble. So what are the differences that make Orijen a premium option?

Here are five main differences:

1. MEAT CONTENT: ORIJEN is made with 75-80% meat, while ACANA is between 40% to 65%, depending on the formula.

2. FRESH MEAT: ORIJEN is made with up to 50% of fresh meats, compared with ACANA which ranges from 9-30% of fresh meats.

3. FRESH MEAT VARIETY: ORIJEN features a minimum of 6 fresh meats, compared to ACANA which contains 3 different fresh meat ingredients. ORIJEN also features Whole Prey ratios including meats, select organs, plus cartilage and marrow, all of which adds another Biologically Appropriate dimension to meat variety.

4. PROTEIN: ORIJEN foods range from 38% to 42% protein, while ACANA features protein levels of 25-35%.

5. CARBOHYDRATE: ORIJEN diets for dogs have a maximum carbohydrate content of 25%, and 20% in the diets for cats. ACANA diets are typically in the 25-30% carbohydrate range.

We spent a lot of time researching which food to carry before settling on ACANA as the best all-round option for our customers. We're now very excited to be able to carry a premium option with the same great Canadian roots.