Introducing the Granville Island Pet Treatery

If you've been to Granville Island you've likely passed the red caboose with the paws on the side that is the Granville Island Pet Treatery. Well now we're bringing their hand made, high quality dog treats to the DogPlay store! We've got four lines for you to choose from and a variety of flavors in each line.

Supplement Treats - These are what TGIPT is most famous for and their best sellers. Lots of dog owners introduce supplements into their dog's diets but they often come as a powder or a pill. These supplement treats take a wide range of supplements and bake them right in to a delicious treat format!

Starting at $14.98 we've got supplement treats to help with: Digestive Health / Nerve Calming / Healthy Skin / Strengthening Immune System / Joint Health

Reward Treats - These are designed to please even the most picky palette. The key to shaping behaviors in dogs is to reward all the behaviors you want to see more of. These treats are crafted to be that ultimate reward: great taste, high quality ingredients, perfect bite size.

Starting at $4.98 we've got: Bacon Bunnies / Wild Sockeye Salmom Stars / Dried Sardines

Travel Tins - Even if the treats inside weren't handmade locally with high-quality ingredients, I think we'd still like these based on the cool tins. As a bonus they aren't glass so you don't have to worry about breakage!

Starting at $11.98 we've got: Turkey / Peanut Butter & Banana / Salmon / Bacon

Gift Boxes - Tis the season! With stockings to stuff and gifts to buy these are a great option for the discerning dog lover on your shopping list. 

Starting at $11.98 we've got: Cheese / Vegan Pumpkin / Salmon & Flax / Beef / Chamomile, Ginger & Turkey