Kuranda Cot Bed – The Last Dog Bed You’ll Ever Buy

Cot beds were an amazing discovery for our dogs and our dog daycare. They keep dogs cool in summer, warm in winter, and make keeping a clean house and clean dog a breeze. After years of trial and error, we can safely say that Kuranda Cot Beds are head and shoulders above the rest.

These beds aren’t going to be your cheapest option but they will last forever, look fantastic, be easy to maintain, and dogs love them.

If you already know about these beds and just want pricing or to find out when our next order will be, contact us. We are currently the only retailer of Kuranda Cot Beds in Vancouver.

If you’re new to cot beds, let me tell you what you’ve been missing.

Why a Cot Bed?

Temperature Control

In the hot summer months air flows beneath the bed keeping dogs nice and cool. In the winter months, dogs are off the cold floors.


When our dog comes home from the beach covered in sand or from a rainy walk covered in mud, he jumps on his bed and sleeps. An hour later all the mud and sand is sitting in a nice neat pile under the bed, ready to be swept up. It makes keeping a clean house and a clean dog much easier.


Cot beds never lump or become uneven. Dogs can rest their head on the side, hang they paws off the edge, or curl up right in the middle. They are even recommended by veterinarians for dogs with hip or arthritis issues.

Why Kuranda?

We discovered the cot bed in Australia. Our first example (pictured here) was a solid, welded steel frame with a hessian cover that could be replaced cheaply and easily. When we moved back to Canada we found there weren’t many options and nothing available locally. After a few years of trial and error with different products, we’ve landed happily on Kuranda.


These beds are as sturdy as they come. We’ve tried other metal frames but unless they are welded solid, they loosen over time and sag. Kuranda beds are made with either an extremely durable poly resin or solid aluminum frame. The fabric options are all very high quality as well. This bed will last the lifetime of your dog.

Chew Proof

These beds are as chew proof as they come. The seams are virtually invisible meaning your dog will not be able to get their teeth in there to pry a piece off. The fabric attaches into the frame so there is no gap they can tear into. On top of this, you can replace every piece individually so if there is an issue with a corner, you don’t have to buy a whole new bed.

Warning: there are plastic ‘feet’ that insert into the legs to keep your floor from scratching. Determined dogs have been known to find these feet, pull them out, and chew them to bits! We glue ours in place.

EDIT: The feet now come firmly attached – thanks for listening, Kuranda!


This is subjective, but I think these are the best looking cot beds out there. With a number of color and frame options to choose from, you won’t be hard pressed to find a combination that will fit right in with your home. If that’s not enough, you can even have your dog’s name embroidered on the fabric!


These beds are extremely easy to clean. Simply wipe down with your household cleaner and you’re done. No more stinky dog bed!

Supporting Local

Yes, these beds are made in the USA, but you are supporting a local small business when you buy through us. Kuranda also supports a lot of shelters and non-profits with free beds which we always like to see.

To get in on our next order or for any questions, please just get in touch.